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  APPLICATION FOR THE APPROVAL OF A RESEARCH PROJECT INVOLVING HUMAN PARTICIPANTS   Students to complete this form as part of the submission of their final research project. Some sections of the ethics form are highlighted in red as a guide.  1.       Your Programme:Education Studies Module code: Title of module:Dissertation Title of

BX2062 Assessment Two 2020 Introduction The organisation has successfully traded for the past two (2) years and business is expanding rapidly. Further, continuing research has improved the product(s), the range of product and/or services offered and existing processes and supply/value chains are under stress. The organisations board has decided that your initial supply chain design (Assessment

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learning outcomes to be met on this assignment Demonstrate an awareness of the nature HR issues in different international contexts Examine international perspectives on HRM in a critical manner Compare HR practices in differing national and regional contexts

ASSESSMENT BRIEF – Assessment 3 Subject Code and Title PROJ6004: Contracts and Procurement Assessment Assessment 3: Review of the Case Study and associated Learning Resources, including detailed analysis of findings. Group Report (Online) Group PowerPoint Presentation (F2F) Group Group Report - Online Students Group Power Point Presentation - F2F Students Length Group Report (Online) 2000 wo

ASSESSMENT 2 BRIEF Subject Code and Title MGT601 Dynamic Leadership Assessment Assessment 2 : Leadership Plan Individual/Group Individual Length Up to 3,000 words Learning Outcomes a) Explore and reflect on self- development as a leader to build self-awareness. b) Through critical reflection on key leadership theories develop a personal leadership development strategy. c) Analyse and develop the c

ENGG5202 2020 Assignment CIRCULAR ECONOMY ASSIGNMENT DUE: 30 April 2020 Individual assignment: Identify a process or product that is of interest to you or that you make consider a product/process that currently has a negative impact on our environment. Apply what you learnt about the ‘circular economy’ to the product/process to help eliminate or minimise waste and the continual use of

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