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  APPLICATION FOR THE APPROVAL OF A RESEARCH PROJECT INVOLVING HUMAN PARTICIPANTS   Students to complete this form as part of the submission of their final research project. Some sections of the ethics form are highlighted in red as a guide.  1.       Your Programme:Education Studies Module code: Title of module:Dissertation Title of research project: Understanding the financial cuts that are made by our governments, impacting GCSE studentsbased in a Tower Hamlets secondary school 2.       Your name:              ID number:   Name of dissertation supervisor     3.       Sett

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1.1 Introduction

Financial cuts refer to a deduction of money by the government due to the reduction in revenue, resulting in an improved financial outcome. The research study tries to show a brief overview regarding the financial cuts that are made by the UK government resulting in impacting the students of secondary school. As per this study, it tries to highlight the related gaps students face due to government financial cuts. Besides, the study also showcases different effects of budget cuts within the country, resulting from having a negative impact over the GCSE students. In this study related discussion of issues practised in the classroom of Tower Hamlets are accordingly stated.

1.2 Research overview

The above research follows to show a brief overview regarding the reason for financial cuts made by governments impacting the General Certificate of Secondary Education in the Tower Hamlets Secondary School. However, the research follows to showcase the different issues faced by the students due to the financial crisis and related steps that are measured in improving the financial problem. In the propositions of Hollensen (2019), it follows to showcase similar financial cuts and the barriers to education are accordingly discussed. Further, the study supports to showcase the related application of educational ideas and therefore follows to improve the educational effect within the country. The research study al

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