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ENGG5202 2020 Assignment CIRCULAR ECONOMY ASSIGNMENT DUE: 30 April 2020 Individual assignment: Identify a process or product that is of interest to you or that you make consider a product/process that currently has a negative impact on our environment. Apply what you learnt about the ‘circular economy’ to the product/process to help eliminate or minimise waste and the continual use of resources. Describe the product’s/process’s current manufacturing processes and it’s input and outputs. Assess the process’s steps in terms of sustainability. Identify key areas where you propose improve or change. The proposed approach could look at any aspect of ‘reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling’ to create a close-loop syste

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As life on the planet earth is around 3.5 billion years now. It only has to sustain itself for much longer as the corporate theme for the planet processes is sustainable and based on the circular processes. By considering the water example of taking water cycle that no water will be lost or been used up. As, it is all a natural process and is naturally recycled by the planet earth from billions of years, having such an amazing idea that it is easy to identify the significance of the circular cycles and consider the significance of the circular cycles. With such amazing ideas, it is not difficult to understand that even if 1 percent of the water which we used render them unusable. With the future of the planet earth in mind, the idea of the circular economy was initiated in 1966. But nowadays, we still are wasting many of the valuable resources to landfills that do not get back into the introduction of the production cycles (Stahel, 2016).

The significance of the circular cycles has been having not been neglected. But within that, some difficulties would arise when there are complexities in the production processes and the material processes.  The same is the case in the footwear industry, where casual shoes have been made with at least more than ten different types of materials.  So this is possible to recycle it with the previous disassembling of the product, which is a much expensive

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