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LIPC3400 - Issues in International Human Resource Management

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learning outcomes to be met on this assignment Demonstrate an awareness of the nature HR issues in different international contexts Examine international perspectives on HRM in a critical manner Compare HR practices in differing national and regional contexts   Instructions:-  Choose ONE of the following titles to produce a narrativereport (guidance - suggested word count of 1,500 words (notincludingreferences))     Title One The average company’s workforce now consists of 54% full time employees, 20% freelance employees /contractors/interns and 26% remote/part-time employees – according to a study by Fieldgl

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Human resource management (HRM) is always concerned with the employees of the organization due to the vibrant nature of humans. Human resource management is the method of handling employees of the organization with human strategy. The management process helps the organization to utilize the manpower for its growth and development. Humanresources are one of the main elements of a strong business model. Without effective control of the human resource, the system is shattered, hampering the efficiency and strategic objectives. The key objectives of human resource management ensure active consumption and determined expansion of human resources and identify the needs of the employees working in the organization. HR must be aware of various problems in an organization. The aim of HR should ensure that every employee of the organization iscalm and happy so they eventually produce good quality of work, helping the organization to grow. However, IHRM practices are slightly different from domestic HRM as they are concerned with the global employees along with the domestic employees. IRHM requires a wider viewpointconcerning HR activities and decisions. The essay will propose the roles of HRM in the development of the organization. The essay will present pieces of evidence related to the HRM practices in the well-being of the employees and the issues that a workplace can face with the variedstaff.

According to the research of Fieldglass, a workplace has 54% of

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