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PROJ6004 - Contracts and Procurement

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ASSESSMENT BRIEF – Assessment 3 Subject Code and Title PROJ6004: Contracts and Procurement Assessment Assessment 3: Review of the Case Study and associated Learning Resources, including detailed analysis of findings. Group Report (Online) Group PowerPoint Presentation (F2F) Group Group Report - Online Students Group Power Point Presentation - F2F Students Length Group Report (Online) 2000 words. Group PowerPoint Presentation (F2F) 18 slidesmaximum. Learning Outcomes 1. Critically evaluate the risks associated with contract and procurement management approaches and make recommendationsto global project sponsors with regard to ‘best practice’ in this area. 2. Apply judgement and initiative in the development of ‘best practice’ contract and procurement process fo

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Specific roles and responsibilities


Roles and responsibilities of the project manager in supplier development as a part of accomplishmentsthroughout or effort of the project life cycleare mentioned below:


  1. Resource& Activity planning.
  2. Motivating &Organizing a team for a project.
  3. Monitoringand directing the team of the time.
  4. Cost or budget assessing and emerging the budget.
  5. Making sure thesatisfaction of the customer.
  6. Managing &Analyzing the risk factor of the project.
  7. supervising progress.(Management & 2007)



Roles and responsibilities of procurement managerin supplier development as a part of accomplishments throughout or effort of the project life cycleare mentioned below:

  1. Choosingsuitablecontract approaches &relationships for each kind of acquiredoutsourced or goods service.
  2. RFPs (that is, requests for proposals), RFQs (that is, preparing requests for quotes), andassessing partnership prospects.
  3. Assessing partnerships, RFQs& RFPs.
  4. Signing&Awarding contracts.
  5. timely performance &Managing quality.
  6. Handlingand supervise contract variations.
  7. Closing of the contracts.




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