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MGT601 - Dynamic Leadership

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ASSESSMENT 2 BRIEF Subject Code and Title MGT601 Dynamic Leadership Assessment Assessment 2 : Leadership Plan Individual/Group Individual Length Up to 3,000 words Learning Outcomes a) Explore and reflect on self- development as a leader to build self-awareness. b) Through critical reflection on key leadership theories develop a personal leadership development strategy. c) Analyse and develop the capacity to influence, motivate and inspire others in your workplace and/or community organisations. d) Implement and practice coaching others to enhance self-awareness and core communication skills for emotional intelligence, with emphasis on active listening, building empathy, giving and receiving feedback. e) Demonstrate the technique of reflective and reflexive practice as a means of continuous

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Based on my present state of affairs that I am a student of the Masters of Professional Accounting, my focus goes on building myself so that I can acquire the courage to face the problems that will arise and built up a practice to solve the problems in a right way through understanding the clear insight of the problem. Until I don’t work in an area and execute my leadership qualities, the time is for preparing myself for the desired area and to build-up the qualities in me so that I can handle and lead the future situation. American executive, Jack Welch’s statement is very relevant in this context as he said, “ Before you are a leader, success is all about growing up yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” (Success Staff, 2018).
I want to do CPA Australia and to excel in the field of accountancy and taxation. I fix this goal to work as a member of CPA Australia as I have the passion in the field of accountancy and the CPA Australia provides a better place to explore my knowledge and understanding of the accountancy. From that working opportunity, I will learn several things and prosper myself. In order to prepare me for that and to build a clear vision of my path, I chose the Grow model. To become a successful person it is needed to have a clear idea where I am headed and an understanding and knowledge in the area of my interest. John C. Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the way,

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