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BX2062 - Management

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BX2062 Assessment Two 2020 Introduction The organisation has successfully traded for the past two (2) years and business is expanding rapidly. Further, continuing research has improved the product(s), the range of product and/or services offered and existing processes and supply/value chains are under stress. The organisations board has decided that your initial supply chain design (Assessment One) needs to be reviewed and further developed in light of the expanded product/service offerings and associated technological innovations. Overall Task You are to review and modify the initial designtaking account of the subject material covered from session Four (4).Where you find that changes are necessary to the initial design you are required to fully discuss and justify those changes. It

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Operation management can be considered business practice administration for creating the highest level of efficacy within a certain organization. The labour and raw materials can be converted into working services and goods following the principles of operation management. The values of operation management can be utilized in maximizing revenue or profit from the respective business organization. This study aims at analysing the business structure and production capacity of respective energy and building material producing organization, Nextgen in Australia. This study also needs to highlight the requirement of new practices and knowledge including technological development and artificial intelligence. It needs to ensure whether the organisation follows sustainable planning, regulating, organising, supervising and controlling mechanisms in the business process. The potential issues in the supply chain management, information system, inventory management, production capacity and quality of the organisation need to be analysed critically. In addition to that, the ratio of output and input in productivity is also required to measure in terms of organisational turnover.

Justification of digital supply value chain and application

            The business organisations in Australia are leaning towards digitalisation for the management of the supply chain. The present

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