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Biofuel Solutions LtdBiofuel Solutions Ltd (BSL) is a continuing client of your firm for the last five years. You have been assigned to the audit of BSL replacing your supervisor, Jodie Baxter. The replacement resulted from the periodical rotation of lead auditors as required by s. 324DA of the Corporations Act. You have been advised by Jodie that past audits have run smoothly and the financial re

Essay 3 - Is the internet really the new economy Instructions watch the 4 horseman video. discuss the relevance of databases in relation to world currencies. Has currency really become 1's and zeros (1001001) or bits and bytes. Is the ownership of data warehouse and business intelligence the true futures? How are they related and do you feel they will impact the world of business moving forward?

Assessment Description.Students are to choose a privately-owned or public company from the industry segment examined inAssessment 1 and develop a comprehensive strategy for this organisation for the period 2020-2024.Students will need to develop a strategic plan that addresses the challenges and opportunities at acorporate and business level.Students do not need to draft the strategic plan in full

Successful brands operating in international markets have a clear understanding of who their customers are, and this is captured through understanding segmentation and target marketing. This individual assignment provides the opportunity to practice the examination and application of these two concepts; students can also add the conceptual frameworks of a Market Analysis Framework and/or a Segment

You have just been hired by Travelfactory International as project manager.In your team you have:? two junior developers responsible for the web service part (back)? a developer work on web UI part.? a tester (a 50-year-old woman with 2 childrens who is not used to working on theweb).Meeting 1 : CustomerWe are December 5 (20 kislev) and you have just attended a meeting with your customerwho is Tra

Submission is via ONLINE only as per the folder in vUWS “Learning Portfolio”Read “The Campaign Brief” article “Tourism Australia launches new ‘Aussie NewsToday’ campaign” in the Learning Portfolio folder:WatchThe video introducing the “Aussie News Today” social medi

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