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Software Requirement Specification

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You have just been hired by Travelfactory International as project manager.In your team you have:? two junior developers responsible for the web service part (back)? a developer work on web UI part.? a tester (a 50-year-old woman with 2 childrens who is not used to working on theweb).Meeting 1 : CustomerWe are December 5 (20 kislev) and you have just attended a meeting with your customerwho is Travelfactory France. The purpose of this meeting was the explanation of the needfor the customer account section on the website (see the customer accountbutton in the site menu)knowing that this is a brand new feature your customer does not have extremely clearideas to define the need but he listed all the functions he wants.On the website? The customer account must be se

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This document is related to details of the requirements of the system that is supposed to be created. As per the scenario, there is a website with the name which is based on the journeys. Basically, they prepare the arrivals with the ski passes, ski rentals if meals and everything related a journey. In this case, a customer is supposed to enter the details so that they can proceed further. Now, there are some requirements of the system which includes a customer acct, the database where the data will be stored and several other things. How the data will be processed and what will the requirements either functional or non-functional is described in this document. 

Part 1

General planning

This software development will be using the software whose name is Jira Project Management tool which helps in better understanding and the preparation of the project. The software will be divided into two parts. The product will be designed and delivered in 15 days apart from all the requirements that are mentioned. This software requires a customer account to be created where all the functions can be performed which includes the adding, booking and the cancellation of the stay along with the payment mode along with the use of modern technology which can help in keeping the data secure and avoid the threats that can lead to the misuse of customer's da

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