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Essay 3 - Is the internet really the new economy Instructions watch the 4 horseman video. discuss the relevance of databases in relation to world currencies. Has currency really become 1's and zeros (1001001) or bits and bytes. Is the ownership of data warehouse and business intelligence the true futures? How are they related and do you feel they will impact the world of business moving forward? How important is our ability to manufacture. Is it true that where the jobs are the wealth is? What strategic advantage do they provide, if at all? Where do we stand in relation to the 4 horseman video? What did you get out of it? (1500 word essay) with specific references to the research you conducted. Important note: Reference and intext citation should be as foot note at the end of each page

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Banking sectors are one of the most strong and crucial sectors in every country. They are responsible to handle their consumer's data in order to monitor them and maintain them. They store their confidential data in a database. Data warehousing depends on these databases in order to store current as well as historical data of the organisation. This essay will discuss the benefit of the database, data warehousing and business intelligence on the banking system. It will also focus on the video titled “Four Horseman” in order to describe US economy in its global impact.

Relevance of databases in relation to world currencies

Database plays a great role in the modern world especially in case of the banking sector. In case of any form of data loss in the bank, they suffer a huge amount of loss. In order to make up their loss, they require a huge amount of money. In the United States of America, the corporations do not have enough interest to work for people. Disco and Donna Summer killed America as per the American's point of view. It has been stated that each organisation should maintain their database and it must be connected with the internet[1]. In that case, the vulnerability of losing data minimises due to system crash and system failure. Losing the database affects not only the bankers but

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