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MBA622 Comprehensive Health Strategies

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Assessment Description.Students are to choose a privately-owned or public company from the industry segment examined inAssessment 1 and develop a comprehensive strategy for this organisation for the period 2020-2024.Students will need to develop a strategic plan that addresses the challenges and opportunities at acorporate and business level.Students do not need to draft the strategic plan in full, and the assessment does not requirefunctional-level implementation.Instead, students will need to develop key features of the plan, including:? A clear assessment of key strategic issues? A vision statement? A mission statement? A proposal for an appropriate business model? At least 5 strategic objectives in relation to the challenges and opportunities identifiedStudents will need to provide jus

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Industry segment

Most private healthcare companies that provide health care services regard their services as commodities that are sold for their own profit.
In contrast, healthcare companies authorized by the government have a complete responsibility to provide healthcare as it is a right in the nation's constitution.
Some private health care companies work with a goal to improve access, quality, equity, and sustainability of health care and for-profit of patients not for their own profit (Gilmore and McAuliffe, 2013).
The private health care sector consists of hospitals as well as clinics that are independent of the NHS.
They are usually run by companies, but some may be operated by charities or by non-profit organizations.


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