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Customer Segmentation Analysis

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Successful brands operating in international markets have a clear understanding of who their customers are, and this is captured through understanding segmentation and target marketing. This individual assignment provides the opportunity to practice the examination and application of these two concepts; students can also add the conceptual frameworks of a Market Analysis Framework and/or a Segment Attractiveness Assessment decision matrix to illustrate results.   Using frameworks and/or lecture notes discussed in the course and/or assigned readings, you are to conduct a market segmentation analysis and establish the target markets (primary, secondary, tertiary) for an established brand or product of your choice (do not use any brands from case studies in the course). You are as

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1. Hotel industry in Australia and market segmentation

Hotel industry is booming in the Australian market because of large number of the tourist and corporates  travelling to the country to have the good time and hospitality in the country and exploring the country in terms of new business and tourism purpose. Target   marketing   involves   the   identification   of   the   most   profitable   market   segments(Camileri, 2017). So segmentation of the hotel industry is done based on the respective market to ensure right customer to be targeted. Market segmentation is necessary in this industry to make sure that all kind of people can be targeted based on their social status and monetary status and their expenditure level.  Hotel Industry can be segmented as below

1- Primary market- Corporate and Business traveller: In this market segment all the corporate class traveller are supposed to be in this segment. Customer in this segment is supposed to spend a lot on their travel and may opt for the high end hotel room so this is segment of market can be cash cow for the hotel industry. All the corporate travel and business travel used to be the high end and there is might not be any bar in the room rentals. So hotel industry need to make sure make the contacts with the corporate companies and so that they can have the business booking i

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