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This group assignment draws upon the individual assignment and extends the analysis. Students are required to produce the group assignment using data provided, which was initially used for the individual assignment. You need to use Business Statistics tools, techniques and terminology that you have learnt from weeks 6-10 to analyse the data and to write up the assignment.Data set [ABZ-Customer &am

Constitutional Law Assignment 1 Select four recent US Supreme Court cases that pertain to public policy issues. Brief each case decision and explain how the positions taken are consistent with or depart from the traditional party positions for each justice. Constitutional Law Assignment 2 Select four Amendments from the Bill of Rights. Research three key cases addressing each Amendment. Prepare

 Requirements: Create a 500 word discussion (not including the list of works cited) and name at least three scholarly references. Cite and reference all sources using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System. Background: Like all other kinds of software, forensic tools come in a variety of packages. All of them have different levels of sophistication and complexity and, like many of their c

Lead beaters Ltd acquired all the issued shares (cum div.) of Possum Ltd on 1 July 2014. At thisdate the shareholders’ equity of Possum Ltd was: Share capital – 100 000 sharesGeneral reserveAsset revaluation surplusRetained earnings $ 450 00045 00045 00015 000 At 1 July 2014, the accounting records of Possum Ltd contained a dividend payable of $15 000.This dividend was paid in August

This Assessment will address the following Learning Outcomes: LO1: Define dynamic capabilities and explain their role in both strategic change and a business's performance. LO2: Explain the relationship between strategy formulation and implementation. LO5: Develop a business strategy based on a comprehensive situational analysis. Assessment brief Each student will develop an e-Portfolio

The assessment: Each student will develop an e-Portfolio (5 stages) that captures all of the elements of the development of a supply chain and logistics solution for a new or expanding enterprise.Each stage will require the student to research a particular topic and then write a summary of what they have discovered through their research (Between 350/400 words). In addition to the written narrati

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