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MAN 203 - Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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The assessment: Each student will develop an e-Portfolio (5 stages) that captures all of the elements of the development of a supply chain and logistics solution for a new or expanding enterprise.Each stage will require the student to research a particular topic and then write a summary of what they have discovered through their research (Between 350/400 words). In addition to the written narrative, students MUST embed images, diagrams or links to other electronically accessible materials such as websites or reports. Background Information‘Sweet Success: Consumer demand for premium products has boosted sales of sorbet and gelato’Players in the Ice Cream Stores industry have had mixed fortunes over the past five years. Many industry establishments operate under franchise agree

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Stage 1 – Ice cream manufacturing and retailing industry in Australia

The ice cream industry of Australia has witnessed a stability over the last five years. The industry revenue however has been estimated to decline marginally at an annual rate of 0.3% in 2018-2019. The decline in industry revenue is attributed to huge decline in 2014-2015. Since then the revenue has risen and in 2019 it is expected to rise by 1.6% and achieve a revenue of $1.1 billion (IBIS, 2018). The manufacturers have got benefitted from the increasing demand from the products of this industry. The ice cream segments of the premium products and the scoop and serve segments are in beneficial position as the demands for these industry products are rising. Apart from it healthier versions of ice cream are also good customer response. The manufacturers of premium ice cream and the gourmet gelato products have also gained popularity amongst the customers in the last five years.

The expected revenue from the ice cream segment in Australia in 2019 is amounted to US$845m and the industry growth is estimated to be 2.5% per annum and it is the Compound Annual Growth Rate for 2019-2021. (The Statistics Portal, 2018).

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