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Constitutional Law Principles and Practice

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Constitutional Law Assignment 1 Select four recent US Supreme Court cases that pertain to public policy issues. Brief each case decision and explain how the positions taken are consistent with or depart from the traditional party positions for each justice. Constitutional Law Assignment 2 Select four Amendments from the Bill of Rights. Research three key cases addressing each Amendment. Prepare a memorandum explaining the issues associated with balancing individual rights and societal needs for each Amendment and where you think the court would come out if faced with making a ruling based on the current court composition.

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Constitutional Law Assignment 1

Brown v. Board of Education, (1954). 347 U.S. 843


The issue in the concerned case relates to the question that whether the separation of children's in schools based on race leads to depriving of minority children's of the equal protection of laws (Horwitz, 1979).


As per the Equal Protection Clause mentioned in 14Th Amendment of the constitution of United States, even if all tangible things are equal and justified in separate schools, there will exist intangible things which will be unequal in the case where students are segregated by race. The similar situation is related with ‘McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents' where it was found that an American – African student must be admitted to a previously Caucasian institution so that he can acquire equal education and he can learn about the profession and can be included in discussions.

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