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 Requirements: Create a 500 word discussion (not including the list of works cited) and name at least three scholarly references. Cite and reference all sources using the Harvard Liverpool Referencing System. Background: Like all other kinds of software, forensic tools come in a variety of packages. All of them have different levels of sophistication and complexity and, like many of their counterparts, have a variety of different user interfaces. Three general categories of interfaces stand out from one another: those that use graphical user interfaces (GUI), those that use an interactive text-based console and those that use command-line interfaces. In this Discussion, you will consider whether one approach is superior to the others. Your task in detail: Discuss if one category o

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Currently, textual-based interface is employed in the digital forensic tools, such as The Sleuth Kit. However commercial vendors such as Forensic Toolkit have assimilated graphical interfaces into their invention line. When graphical interface is applied to the software interface, a large set of dataset is easy to be offered to the user. This provides purpose to multi-dimensional evidence (Shneiderman, 2008; Tufte, 1990). Crime investigation using forensic tools is intensive in terms of labor for the investigator applying them.


According to Garfinkel (2010), visibility, report modeling, filtering and even evidence-oriented design are among the research challenges of digital forensic tools. More attention is put on the evidence visibility while choosing which forensic tool to use, this advocates for the use of graphical user interfaces to present evidence thus reducing the intellectual burden of the investigator. A large set of data points at interest can be condensed in a single display when applying graphical views based forensic tools. The intellectual demand upon experts in blend in data sets immensely bigger than those of textual presentations when such abstract exhibitions are employed (Turnbull, Osborne, &Slay, 2010, 2012).

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