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MAN 302 - Strategic Business Management

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This Assessment will address the following Learning Outcomes: LO1: Define dynamic capabilities and explain their role in both strategic change and a business's performance. LO2: Explain the relationship between strategy formulation and implementation. LO5: Develop a business strategy based on a comprehensive situational analysis. Assessment brief Each student will develop an e-Portfolio over a period of four weeks, or 4 stages (450 words each) that captures the elements of developing and analysing strategy in an existing company. You must include diagrams, videos/images and/or flow charts. Each stage will require the student to research a particular topic and then write a summary of what they have discovered through their research. In addition to the written narrative, students c

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Stage 9

Colin Foods is one of the leading KFC Franchise, owner of Sizzler restaurants, and a Taco Bell franchisee in Australia. The technology used by Colin Foods helps to improve and leverage its value chain of all food services across Australia through a coordinated and integrated system. Colin Foods get to order online and store customer data for future reference. Delivery System is also incorporated to deliver products as fast as possible. Procurement of raw materials is ordered online so as to reduce the cost and time of traveling thus increases the company overall margins.  Actual Time Prominence, Inventory Lessening, Increase Facility Whereas Lowering Costs, Decrease Rate of Goods Sold and food wastage are the key success factors of the value chain (Ha and Jang, 2012).

demand without knowing its impact. Other than that industry competitors are over promising consumers, hiding health facts, clever packaging, as well as wastage of food due to quality standards, have interrupted the company growth. The overgrowing competition in the food industry and use of advanced technologies has impacted the industry as well as Collins Foods. The customer data are restored for future reference and it is also used to send messages of offers in addition to this customer’s information are shared with other franchise of company, thus increasing the issue of credibility of company among customers. Excessive demand forced the company or industry to store raw

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