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PART 1  15% Register a public company.  You will need Form 201 BUT you will need to read sections 117(2), section 169. The company must have a class of Preference Shares.      You will need to read Section 254A(2) the company must have a constitution PART 2  15% Prepare the DOCUMENTS required to call a members meeting ,for members to vote and appoint one new dir

IntroductionYou are given four files of data, as follows:• ratings.txt: Each line of the file contains one rating. This file contains 100,000 ratings. You should use this file to run experiments.• debug.txt: Small subset of ratings.txt which can be used for debugging.• userterms.txt: Each line contains user id, demographic data (age, gender, occupation) which can be ignored for this

Instructions1. Form a group of 2 students in the same session. It is your choice which student you want to team but your group mate should be fixed for all 4 labs.2. Complete the lab according to the instructions in the following pages.3. Answer all questions in the instruction, and write a group report. For each question, you need to 1) copy the question from instruction, 2) provide a screenshot

Discuss the causes of poor-quality products or services in an organization you are familiar with. Describe any five (5) strategies that can be implemented to improve quality in your selected organization.2000 words

Overview Assessment 2 consists of a 1,500 word research review generated from a demonstration performed in one of the tutorial classes conducted during Weeks 2-3 of Summer A. The research review will consist of: 1. An introduction, identifying the topic and how it will be addressed in the body of the research review, and an outline of the main points. 2. The body of the review, including an ex

Requirements for original responses: a clear thesis statement, which directly addresses the question posed and gives readers an indication of the argument you plan to make; direct reference to the text and/or PowerPoint slides (to illustrate your comprehension of the reading materials); a body of factual examples that support your thesis and develop your argument; the

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