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ITECH1400 - Assignment 1 – Recycling MachineDue Date: 5pm, Friday of Week 7This assignment will test your skills in designing and programming applications to specification and is worth 20% of your non-invigilated (type A) marks for this course. This is an INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – and while you may discuss it with your fellow students, you must not share designs or code or you will be in

General overview This assignment is worth 25% of the overall mark for this unit. It focuses on content from Topics 3, 4 and 5. It will be marked out of 25. The assignment consists of a word document that should not exceed 1,000 words (excluding the reference list), and a spreadsheet. You must submit both files. Overall, the assignment comprises two parts: Part 1 consists of 5 (five) questions on

  High  Distinction   Distinction Credit Pass Fail Issues Identifies and sticks to the legal issues relevant to the set problem.  No irrelevant issues given. Identifies most of the relevant issues without digressing into irrelevant issues. Identifies many relevant issues.  May digress into irrelevant areas. Ide

Assignment 1: Problem ExerciseIn response to the hypothetical legal problem in the Assignment Task Sheet (provided in the first few weeks of term), students are required to provide reasoned legal arguments and advice drawing on material covered in the first 6 weeks of the unit. Students are also required to complete and submit a self-evaluation form as the first page of their assignment. Please ma

Assignment 3 The contents contained in this document may not be reproduced in any form or by any means, without the written permission of VIT, other than for the purpose for which it has been supplied. VIT and its logo are trademarks of Victorian Institute of Technology.Research and Presentation on security vulnerabilitytools using Kali Linux1. Group FormationFor this assignment, students need to

COURSE: Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Accounting Unit:Human Resource Management (HRM) Unit Code:HRMG203 Type of Assessment:Assessment 2 - Individual Essay Writing (Reflective Journal review) Length/Duration:1000 words. Course Learning Outcomes addressed:1)To demonstrate knowledge of HRM theories with depth of understanding of at least one business discipline2)To develop the skills to allow th

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