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ITECH1400 - Assignment 1 – Recycling MachineDue Date: 5pm, Friday of Week 7This assignment will test your skills in designing and programming applications to specification and is worth 20% of your non-invigilated (type A) marks for this course. This is an INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – and while you may discuss it with your fellow students, you must not share designs or code or you will be in breach of the university plagiarism rules. This assignment should take you approximately 20 hours to complete.Assignment OverviewYou are tasked with creating a text-based program for simulating a Recycling Machine using the Python 3 programming language. The assignment is broken up into four main components: 1.) Design and model two classes: RecyclableItem and RecyclingMachine, 2.) Create an act

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        #acept the product Assignment Part 4 – Code Explanation and Use

#import RecyclableItem module

from RecyclableItem import RecyclableItem

class RecyclingMachine:

    #List declared to hold all the recycled product


    #List to hold all type of item which can be recycled

    productType=['Can', 'Bottle', 'Paper'];

    #List to hold the value of each recycled items

    productValue=[0.2,0.5, 0.1];

    #variable to hold total payout of particular user


   #This is the declaration of the constructor to initialize recycled list

    def __init__(self):

        #Initialize the checked out product list with the empty list


      #This is accept the product and add it into the list

    def accept_product(self, recyclableItem):

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