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LAWS 11063

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Assignment 1: Problem ExerciseIn response to the hypothetical legal problem in the Assignment Task Sheet (provided in the first few weeks of term), students are required to provide reasoned legal arguments and advice drawing on material covered in the first 6 weeks of the unit. Students are also required to complete and submit a self-evaluation form as the first page of their assignment. Please make sure you read the Assignment Tasksheet carefully once it is made available. Length: 1500 words. Answers that are substantially longer than this or shorter than 1500 words are unlikely to score as highly as those that make the best use of the word length (being on target and making the best use of the word allocation is always better than being off-topic). Marks are not specifically deducted fo

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I.Advice regarding Alice


Key legal issues arising from the facts:

In light of the present facts, two main issues seem to arise:-

  1. 1.      Whether Alice has any right upon the watch she found lying on the floor of Bryce’s Shop (hereinafter called “the watch”)?
  2. 2.      If so, has Bryce committed chattel trespass against Alice?

Legal Principles and their application to the present case:

The landmark case of Armory v Delamirie[1]established the rule of finder’s right on private property. The case elucidates that each holder of the property has a right to possession enforceable against all except the ones with greater rights than that holder. The finder of goods has a right equivalent to bailment as per Common Law and thus, his right is enforceable against everyone except the true owner.

The facts reveal that Alice found the watch which she discovered while visiting Bryce’s shop which is evident of

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