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Finance- Business case study

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General overview This assignment is worth 25% of the overall mark for this unit. It focuses on content from Topics 3, 4 and 5. It will be marked out of 25. The assignment consists of a word document that should not exceed 1,000 words (excluding the reference list), and a spreadsheet. You must submit both files. Overall, the assignment comprises two parts: Part 1 consists of 5 (five) questions on time value of money, bond valuation and expected return which needs to be completed on an excel spreadsheet. A template has been provided and can be found in the ‘Assessment Tasks and Submission’ / ‘Business case study 1’ section on the unit’s MySCU Learning site. Download the Assignment spreadsheet template and save it with your details in the file name. Use the fo

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Mention the stakeholders

After analyzing this specific case study, it has come to know that the key stakeholders are assistant accountant, accountant of the business, local town banks and trade debaters (Weaver and Clark, 2015). All of those stakeholders are closely associated with each other and they are the stakeholders of Brady Industrial Products. All of those stakeholders are very important from the perspective of Brady Industrial Products in order to make profits at a prefabricated level

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