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LAB 4 • You have accepted a position as network administrator for a law firm. Unfortunately, the previous administrator did not leave much documentation of the network infrastructure and its configuration. You have spend many hours documenting the transmission media, data storage, and device configuration. • You have examined the firewall in an attempt to understand the existing rules an

LAB 3 • In this lab, you configure a set of basic packet-filtering rules for a network. The internal network is represented by; the firewall is hosted at; the e-mail server is at; the Web server is at; and the DNS server is at Designing a Rule Base • Create a rule that allows internal hosts to access the external netw

Assignment 4 Part I. 1. Run the following NMap commands and note the differences in the output. (If the directory containing the program you want to run is not in your path, either specify the full pathname when running the command, or modify your PATH environment variable). 2. Record your output (Screenshot). Did you get the output you expected? Part II. 1. 1 Write a simple shell script, which wi

IASP 550 M. Drini Lab 1 (All your answers should be validated with the screen shots that you take during this exercise) 1. For this lab you’ll need the Wireshark program installed, which can be obtained from It is a free software and supports many platforms. 2. When you first start Wireshark you will be brought to the default startup screen, similar to one given bel

Assessment Resource | BSBADM506 Version 2 September 2018 ASSESSMENT 1 – STUDENT INFORMATION This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements.      PART A  For this assessment you are to assume you are opening a new business. As part of your business development, you are to manage the document design and development to ensure a

LSC802: Assessment 2 Trade-off Analysis Weighting: 30% In this assessment you are presented with two fictitious scenarios and, depending upon the scenario, you will use a spreadsheet approach to derive an optimal transportation mode; analyse the effect on inventory against the cost of transport; and derive and analyse the trade-off between transportation cost and customer service level. Finally, y

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