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Assessment Resource | BSBADM506 Version 2 September 2018 ASSESSMENT 1 – STUDENT INFORMATION This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements.      PART A  For this assessment you are to assume you are opening a new business. As part of your business development, you are to manage the document design and development to ensure a consistently professional image to your organisation. Your first step is to establish your documentation standards taking into consideration: - What types of documents you will require for your business (at least 6 different documents required)  - The styles and types of documents you will be using  - Available technology for producing these documents – How the documents will

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Business development refers to the action of following opportunities strategically for any organization and particular business. This is possible by establishing partnership between the partners or establishing relationships commercially, or by identification of new services and products in the market. In order to develop a new truck driving business, it is essential to get well equipped with certain developmental skills such as skills of communication, skills of collaboration, skills of persuasion and negotiation, skills of management of project, strategies and business intelligence. A developer of business works for the improvement of the position of the market of organization and achieves success in attaining growth in finance.


Document standards

A BRD or Business Requirement Document emphasizes on the perspectives of business because all the solutions of the business for a project is contained within that document. As opined by Szczepa?ska-Woszczyna and Kurowska-Pysz (2016), these documents focus on the expectations and priority needs of the customer. The achievement of the business is indicated by BRD and BRD also indicates the deliverables of the project and associated outputs and inputs with the functioning process. The functioning of the process is responsible for the parameters for CTQs or Critical to Quality that are relate

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