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EXAMINATION PAPER: ACADEMIC SESSION 2019/2020 Campus Medway Faculty Engineering & Science Level 7 Exam Session April/May 2020 MODULE CODE OMED0104 MODULE TITLE ANALYTICAL METHODS AND QA/QC PRINCIPLES Original Duration of examination: 3 hours To be submitted by 20th May 2020 at 2pm BST. Instructions to Candidates Answer THREE out of FIVE questions Please use a new page for each question Each Qu

  School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering   Mechanical Design 3 ENME 4460     Assignment 3 -Spaceframe Design   Prepared by Mustafa S Alzaidi (440561848)       ACADEMICBOARDPOLICY:ACADEMICDISHONESTYANDPLAGIARISMCOMPLIANCESTATEMENT INDIVIDUAL/COLLABORATIVEWORK I/Wecertifythat: I/WehavereadandunderstoodtheUniversityofSydn

ENGIN5202 Advanced Structural Analysis and Design Assignment 2 Design of a R.C Column and a PSC Beam THE STRUCTURE The attached diagram depicts a proposed detail in one area of a large shopping complex and associated carpark in an Eastern suburb of Melbourne (more than 1 km from the coast). The reinforced concrete h one side, a prestressed concrete box girder for a single-lane ramp into the carpar

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