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EXAMINATION PAPER: ACADEMIC SESSION 2019/2020 Campus Medway Faculty Engineering & Science Level 7 Exam Session April/May 2020 MODULE CODE OMED0104 MODULE TITLE ANALYTICAL METHODS AND QA/QC PRINCIPLES Original Duration of examination: 3 hours To be submitted by 20th May 2020 at 2pm BST. Instructions to Candidates Answer THREE out of FIVE questions Please use a new page for each question Each Question has a Word Limit of 1000 Words for the Answer Marking will stop at the point any answer exceeds 1000 words Students will be required to achieve an overall grade of 50% to achieve a pass Page 2 of 3 Session: April/May 2020 Module Title: Analytical Methods and QA/QC Principles Module Code: OMED0104 Answer THREE questions Q1. Answer ALL parts of this question (a) Suggest a typical 2D NMR exper

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1)      Answer ALL parts of this question

(a)   Suggest a typical 2D NMR experiment that can be used for the elucidation of drug protein interactions. Critically appraise the fundamentals of this technique and with the aid of an example, highlight how results can be monitored.

A mini molecules capacity to hold together and alter a protein target 's behavior at a single position significantly influences drug development in the pharmaceuticals industry. Due to its distinctive capacity to assess even weak protein-drug interaction at high resolution, one of the main tools for assessing these interactions was high-field solution (NMR). The structural, thermodynamics, and kinetic dimensions of a binding reaction may be measured using (NMR). Understanding the shape of biological molecule at the atomic level is important for understanding the drug research and development cycle and use the information to create drug candidate’s that may aim at them. (NMR) spectroscopy play a crucial role in the acievingdesired aim, with a big rate of success in screening compound which can be used as possible candidate for disease healing drugs.

Over the decades, NMR spectroscopy has become aextremely powerful and flexible method for drugs exploration and production, as it is thethrow light on the molecular structure of the biomolecule, illuminate and validate t

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