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 Review the Sixth Sense Video, and do some additional research of your own using the internet on a new technology.  TED ed is always a good place to start.   Categories may include Artificial Intelligence, Avatars, Social Networking or any other new and interesting technology you can find.     Describe what you learned in the Sixth Sense Video. 

ITECH1400 - Assignment 1 – Recycling MachineDue Date: 5pm, Friday of Week 7This assignment will test your skills in designing and programming applications to specification and is worth 20% of your non-invigilated (type A) marks for this course. This is an INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT – and while you may discuss it with your fellow students, you must not share designs or code or you will be in

Assignment 3 The contents contained in this document may not be reproduced in any form or by any means, without the written permission of VIT, other than for the purpose for which it has been supplied. VIT and its logo are trademarks of Victorian Institute of Technology.Research and Presentation on security vulnerabilitytools using Kali Linux1. Group FormationFor this assignment, students need to

University of Canberra Faculty of Science and Technology 4483 Software Technology 1 and 8995 Software Technology 1 G Semester 1, 2019 AssignmentPart 1 (25% of grade)   Due:Week 13(10th of May2019) Submission to Canvas. The SpaceZsales commissioncalculator   GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS   This assignment should be done individually. The submission should be made as a single zippe

LAB 4 • You have accepted a position as network administrator for a law firm. Unfortunately, the previous administrator did not leave much documentation of the network infrastructure and its configuration. You have spend many hours documenting the transmission media, data storage, and device configuration. • You have examined the firewall in an attempt to understand the existing rules an

LAB 3 • In this lab, you configure a set of basic packet-filtering rules for a network. The internal network is represented by; the firewall is hosted at; the e-mail server is at; the Web server is at; and the DNS server is at Designing a Rule Base • Create a rule that allows internal hosts to access the external netw

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