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Water Consumption in Northern Territory

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One page only with refernce and appendix if anyI need chartThe aim is building sustainable city in  Weddell .So, as the Weddell a part of Northern Territory,I would like you to mention that in the report.The layout in Q3 shows our idea.Maby two with chart and referencesThe font 11, Arial, 1.5 space line it is group work. My work is task oneMax pages for all tasks 6 pages writing,references and appendix are not countedSo i have at least provide one pageJust write data about Northern  TerritoryI don't mind if he make it in 1.5 pages  with refernce and figureCcUse word citaion to add refe.

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Water consumption is increasing day by day and at this rate, the world will start experiencing a shortage of water in the near future. Water is considered as a renewable source mainly because of the water cycle; however, water also has the properties of non-renewable sources. It has been stated that water does not get replenished like most of the other renewable sources, basically, it is reused. This piece of work is going to explain and evaluate water consumption in the northern territory of Australia.

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