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Topic:The highest urbanisation rates occur in developing countries and are fuelled by urban migration. Pick one case study on an urban environment that has been shaped by urban migration and critically discuss the issues involved: for example, reasons why people want to move to urban areas, strategies that they apply once arrived in squatter settlements and management issues to be addressed by government and NGOs.Word Limit: 1,500 words maximum (excluding diagrams and references)Notes on Topic:For this essay I want you to explore the available literature about urbanisation and migration to find a suitable case study in a developing context to show issues surrounding rural-urban migration. Briefly outline reasons for migrants to settle in poor urban areas and strategies that they apply (as

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From the year 2001 at about 6 million of people from the Pakistan as well as Iran are immigrating towards the city of Kabul which is in Afghanistan is residing within the property currently and is not been registered formally (French, Turkstra and Farid, 2016). They fall out of the urban areas which are planned formally. The conflict which is enduring and the natural disasters that is taking place very frequently in the segments of the world that is being developing has encouraged as well as forced towards the migration in the direction of the urban centres. This has been performed at the rates which has accelerated as well as exacerbate the process of the urbanisation. This is the case study regarding the displacement of the urbanisation along a specific focus over the few factors as well as the effects of the growth.

Kabul’s case study:

Since the year 2001, the population of the city Kabul is increasing because of which it is declared as the city which is expanding in a rapid way within the last eight years. The rapid growth is not being confined towards the Kabul. It is being indicated by the estimation that approximately 60% of the entire population of Kabul has experienced a growth within the period of 2002 till 2009 in the cities (Charles, Setchell and Caroline, 2018)

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