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DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENTLEVEL 7 UNIT 2930 (V5) (10 CREDITS, LEVEL 6) DEVELOP AND COORDINATE MARKETING STRATEGIES DUE: 12, FEB, 2017 Instructions: 1 You are required to present your work in a word-processed report format using appropriate headings, page and section numbering, indentations, figures and tables, appendices, style (Arial or Times New Roman) and size (font 12, line spacing 1.5). 2 Your information/ arguments presented must be supported and validated by appropriate information sources which are accurately referenced using American Psychological Association :(APA 6th Referencing Style) for providing in-text citations and the reference lists/bibliography. All your references used must be obtained from authentic and valid sources. 3 This assignment is to be su

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1.0 Introduction 

Marketing, management, and strategy- these three words represent the most critical but crucial components of world business. The study is targeted to inspect, formulate, and evaluate all three concepts from each plausible dimension. For serving this purpose to a greater extent, BurgerFuel, a New Zealand originated food chain, has been taken under consideration.  Being established in New Zealand in 1995, it is now continuing its business at an international level by expanding its store chain in UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, and Australia.

With a total of 57 outlets in New Zealand, it is doing its business with a mission of providing the best and ultimate experience to its customers through its gourmet burgers. Amid the presence of a large number of fast food and burger chains in this country, it is attracting its customers by its freshly prepared delicious burgers with all-natural ingredients in a delicate atmosphere. Hence, this is increasing its potentiality and scope in the food chain market of New Zealand.

2.0 Marketing Objectives

2.1 Objectives of marketing

The objectives


  1. Rise in sales by 12% in the upcoming financial year 2021

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