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Examination of how Qantas Airways Limited company shows sustainability initiatives in their retail businesses Discussion of new initiatives, or those stopped. (10 Marks) How do you rate the sustainability of Qantas Airways Limited company (10 marks) This report needs to be in 750 to 800 words.

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The primary motive of this task is to showcase the information and facts about the sustainability of Qantas Airways. The sustainability initiatives that are being taken by the company have been drawn in the paper.  Qantas Airways is incorporated in 1920 in Queensland, Australia. The company has developed a reputation and goodwill for excellence in effectiveness, safety, security, maintenance, customer service and reliability. The company has employed approx 30,000 employees with approximately 93% of them based within Australia (Qantas, 2019a). 

How Qantas airways limited shows sustainability initiatives

Qantas Company is committed to transparency and effectiveness on key performance indicators such as financial, social and environmental. To maintain sustainability, the firm is further committed to reduce the impact people have on the environment at every step in the water, air and on the ground.

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