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BPP Coursework Cover Sheet Please use the table below as your cover sheet for the 1 st page of the submission. The sheet should be before the cover/title page of your submission. Programme MSc Mgmt Module name Strategy Schedule Term Student Reference Number (SRN) Report/Assignment Title Starbucks Business Report Date of Submission (Please attach the confirmation of any extension received) Declaration of Original Work: I hereby declare that I have read and understood BPP’s regulations on plagiarism and that this is my original work, researched, undertaken, completed and submitted in accordance with the requirements of School of Business & Technology. The word count, excluding contentstable, bibliography and appendices, is words. Student Reference Number: Date: By submitting this c

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Part 1 –Business Report of Starbucks


Starbucks is the most renowned industry in the coffee market. The company from the time it was formed, and till the time it has faced many challenges, but still, the company is maintaining their name in the market and earn goodwill in both international and national market of coffee in the industry. This reports purpose is to describe the company’s position in the trade market internationally. These factors are divided into two sections. They analyse both internal and external environment. The role of the two environments is quite huge and has high essential for analysing the two in deep that prepares the report of the business. The business strategies importance is that they develop business and analyses & even evaluate in both the international and national market of coffee and is very important to benefit the company for understanding the threat areas and help them for developing the strategy that is implemented by the company and are able to encounter the problems.

The company has many competitors that have a good reputation in the international and national market of coffee. The most prominent competitors of STARBUCKS company are Dunkin Donuts, McDonald and Caribou Coffee. The company "Starbucks" has its brand name in the industry of coffee, which is currently leading and has special good quality coffee across the world. The company was a leader in the year 2015 and was leadi

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