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Essay question one (worth 35% of the total module mark)   Choose ONE of the following three organisations:    Sainsbury’s or   Topshop or    Nissan Motor corporation   Write an essay (using module tools/frameworks/concepts/perspectives) that critically evaluates the strategic issues and options facing your organisation of choice on 31st March 2020.     Possible STRUCTURE for essay one. OnePOSSIBLE (stress POSSIBLE) structure for Essay one is as follows: In terms of how many words to use for each section then in a subject such as strategy it is difficult to give an answer that is "fair" to all strategists. However, POSSIBLE/MAYBE 5% of your words on the introduction,10% of your words on the position analysis (the position analy

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It is quite common for large companies to have some strategic issues in their operations related to their activities from different aspects. The fact is also relevant for Sainsbury that is one of the largest retail store chains in the UK and have vast operations in the country. It can be resolved with the help of various strategic options that can also help in identifying them from before. This essay sheds light on strategic issues of Sainsbury supermarket in order to meet with given strategic options using concept and model.

Position Analysis 

Sainsbury Company is the second-largest Supermarket chain holding a 16% share in the market of UK. It has increased its turnover by 7% based on fair trade business into the grocery sales. The company has uplifted its sales with featured advertisement campaigns based on celebrity and endorsement for increasing its sales. The business strategy is adopted by the company by valuing its shareholders and customer with great product and services at reasonable prices. It is considered to be the largest clothing retailer and merchandise business in the market of the UK that has the highest range of products. It increases 5% of stores every year which shows the good opportunity of expansion into the national and global market more than 1428 grocery stores along with 820 convenience stores (, 2019). It is a diversified business with the largest market share

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