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Spring 2020 - Financial Decision Making

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BPP Coursework Cover Sheet Please use the table below as your cover sheet for the 1st page of the submission. The sheet should be before the cover/title page of your submission. Programme MSc Management with Streams Module name Financial Decision Making Schedule Term Spring 2020 Student Reference Number (SRN) Report/Assignment Title Date of Submission (Please attach the confirmation of any extension received) Declaration of Original Work: I hereby declare that I have read and understood BPP’s regulations on plagiarism and that this is my original work, researched, undertaken, completed and submitted in accordance with the requirements of BPP School of Business and Technology. The word count, excluding contents table, bibliography and appendices, is ___ words. Student Reference Number

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Part 1

Industry survey

The country UK has been one of the highest coffee producing countries globally. It is estimated that there will be a growth of 8% from 2014 and reach to 69 million Kg for the next consecutive year. The increase in retail sales has been useful as the distribution of coffee and also marketing and advertising of coffee can be done through it. The FMCG sector had huge benefits from this coffee distribution as it is provided free with the purchase of products from outlets. This will further improve the coffee business as a huge number of other new brands will start to distribute through this process (, 2020). The increased coffee purchases from the outlets indicate that there are many customers that consume coffee as a healthy beverage. The consumption of coffee has increased, and that indicates the preferences of customers that are more for coffee than tea. The growing demand for the coffee had increased the competition among the existing brands and also the new brands that had started their business and needed to expand the business globally (, 2020). The outlets of the Starbucks are 897, and for Costa coffee, it is more than 2121 that is distributed throughout the country and globally.

The performance analysis of the coffee industries Starbucks and Costa coffee includes:

Costa coffee is the second-largest coffee business in the country UK. It genera

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