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SOCIAL ANALYSIS OF A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUEAssessment overviewDue Date: Friday May 31, 2pmWeight: 40%Description: Social analysis of a public health issue of a vulnerable population in a location of your choiceAssessment descriptionYour task is conduct a social analysis and write a case study of up to 2200 words. Undertaking a social analysisis a core public health skill. You are required to apply the components of what you have learnt in PUBH7620to the investigation of a public health issue, in a vulnerable population, in a location of your choice.Components1. Choose a public health issue2. Choose a vulnerable population that is at risk and or/affected by the public health issue in thelocation.3. Choose a geographical location where this public health issue is prevalent.4. Write a social ana

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The following report is based on a social analysis of public health issues. He health issue considered for this analysis is malaria. The country, South Sudan, is chosen to perform the analysis. The public health issue is the type of health issue that affects the mass of people at a time and directly affects the country. Malaria is one of the most happening health issues. It affects children and pregnant women mainly. It is observed that the poor country suffers from malaria mostly. The analysis will focus on the issue and provide information about the fight South Sudan had against malaria and will further propose methods to eradicate malaria.

Explanation of Health Issues and its Social Distribution

Mosquitoes come in the rain. And malaria comes with mosquitoes. Generally, the malaria problem increases after the rainy season. South East Asia, Africa, and South American countries are primarily at risk. Tropical countries are suffering from this problem from years ago. Besides these countries, malaria risk is very high in the United States because of the travelers and immigrants especially from south Asian countries and sub-Saharan Africa where malaria transmission mainly occurs. Near about 1700 malaria cases are diagnosed each year in America.

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