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SDM404: Service and Design Management

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SDM 404_Assessment Brief 2_Team Project Report Due Week 10 Page 1 of 10 ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Name SDM404: Service and Design Management Assessment 2 Team Project Report Individual/Group Group Length 4000 words (2000 for Part A and 2000 for Part B) Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes: a) Develop an understanding of the role and nature of service in the service economy and the hotel industry b) Examine key issues concerning the management and measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction c) Critically explore the role of frontline service providers’ service behaviour with respect to service delivery, service failure and service recovery d) Critically reflect upon key strategies used by hotels for managing service b

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1. Introduction

            Competitive business environment is transforming everyday and delivery of quality service is essential in maintenance of competitive advantage. This report shines light upon service and design management of Samudra Grand Hotel including the justification of customer service handbook’s adopted strategies and process and tips. Furthermore, potential service failure causes and recovery plan is included for better understanding of service concept and aspects of customer service.

2. Justification along with Analyses

2.1 The Service Concept

            Service concept of Samudra Grand Hotel is essentially providing higher quality hospitality for guests. It has potential of attracting maximum customer base from both transient and leisure customers. Understanding of hotels service concept of customer-focussed service by guest experience staff is utmost requirement. As customer experience segregates them from competitors who are offering easier and efficient service. Guest experience employees should facilitate smooth service delivery and see the changes in the operation area of the hotel through introduction of automation with human presence. Guest experience staff acts this key element of human touch to present personalized service (Scaletsky & Filipe, 2019).

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