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Research Proposal: to evaluate oral Health promotion among oral Health Providers in the UK

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TDF: Theoretical Domains Framework COM-B: Capability, opportunity, motivation to perform a behavior Proposed plan of work (300 – 600 words in total)2 Background Why this project is important Research methods to be used Why is this project suitable for a PhD Any cross-departmental, cross-school, or external collaboration Key references (maximum 5)

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1.0 Aim of the investigation

The investigation aims to evaluate and assess the promotion of oral health among oral health providers in the UK. The use of the theoretical domain frameworks and the capability, opportunity and motivation to perform a programme shall be useful to carry out the research and help in understanding it correctly. The research study will also aim to find out the different ways by which the oral health services can be promoted among the oral health providers and will reflect upon the information spread. The objective of the research study will be to demonstrate the different ways of providing oral health care services to the common people and to spread the awareness about the existing oral health care problems.  

2.0 Proposed plan of Work

2.1 Background

Issues about oral health are critical and hold significance in the UK society. Oral health and the dental problems associated with dental hygiene are the problems, which affects a considerable number of ordinary people in the UK (Patel et al., 2016). This problem has to be addressed by the responsible authorities and oral health providers. 

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