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Reflective Essay

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Description of one setting/ event.   Interpretation( things you have learned; how this relates to other events/ your feelings/ what you learned; conclusions you arrive at; meaning you make; why did things happen as they did). Evaluation (how effective or efficient was the event or your action; what is the value of what you learned from the experience. Plan (how this will be useful to you; what would do differently in future because of this experience): Note you should use SMART in your plan.  Uncategorized( Information that might be important but you not know where to place it: This is reflective Journey a part A. I think you can researcher about the (OBM) organization beheviours and management is better because these subject It would be 600 words. (OBM). The most i

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1. Description:

For this reflective essay, I read an article on leadership which is named, ‘Leadership, Individual Differences, and Work-related Attitudes: A Cross-Culture Investigation’. This article recognizes how individual differences shape and impact both leadership and work-related attitudes. Continuing reading, I read about individualism and collectivism. I also read about theories related to leadership such as Transformational and Transactional Contingent

Reward Leadership. Along with it, I read what idiocentrism is and its relation to leadership and work attitudes. The other things that I also read are; individual differences and their relation with leadership and country values, research settings and methods to analyze conclusion, measurement issues, test and hypothesis as an outcome, and limitations of the research (Walumbwa et al., 2007).


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