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PROJ6003 - Project Execution and Control

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Subject Code and Title PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control Assessment Assessment 1: Change Management (2 parts) Part A: Module 1-2 Discussion Forum Part B: Change Control Individual/Group Part A: Individual Part B: Individual/Group Length Part A: 750 words Part B: 1500 words/student Learning Outcomes 1. Draw on tools and techniques of sourcing project data, develop a range of processes and measures to manage scope, change and quality on complex global projects. Submission Part A: Post by end of Module 2. Part B: By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday end of Module 3 Weighting 50% (Part A: 15%; Part B: 35%) Total Marks Part A: 15 marks Part B: 35 marks Context: During project execution, project managers ensure that project work is completed as specified in the Project Management Plan and according

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A strategy for change management describes behavior and responsibilities for improving management and control during the project implementation and operation process. Project-based adjustments are calculated with a comprehensive overview of the duration, expense, time period and expectations of the Project for quality control, threats, challenges and improvements. Changes may require one or more updated project baselines during the implementation and control stage.The report analyses Parks Corporation's efforts to handle the Blue Spider project and highlights the limitations of the team leaders, including the meetings of department managers, in order to reach the defined goals. The study, focused on the conditions that will drive Parks to meet consumer needs, attempts to advise them both on the management and status of a Team Leader on what is needed to achieve these programs.The study also tells about the need for change for successfully handling the project. A form for change request is will be discussed at the end of the report.

Impact of scope, time and cost

Even if the team at Parks Company attempted before beginning research to establish the project scope, it is fair to claim that if it had any further detail it would be easier to do so. In regards to the nature of the program, the only details given were that the Blue Spider program was an effort to improve the Spartan Missile's technical ability to develop a short-range offe

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