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PPMP 20009 Leading Lean Projects

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Incomprehensible submissions. Assessments provide the opportunity for students todemonstrate their knowledge and skills to achieve the required standard. To do this, assessmentresponses need to be both clear and easy to understand. If not, the University cannot determinethat students have demonstrated their knowledge and skills. Assessments will, therefore, bemarked according to the marking criteria (accompanied by the marking rubric). Failing to meetthe requirements may result in 0 (zero) marks where relevant.Do not reproduce statements from PMBOK or PRINCE2 or any other referenceswithout proper context.Example 1:Leadership is knowledge, skills, and behavior required to guide, motivate and direct a team toachieve its business goals (copied from page 56 of PMBOK), as this is considered pla

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In this report, the case study of 2022 FIFA world cup to be held in Qatar is considered as the project to be managed. Various standard project management methodology and tools available like PMBOK, Prince2, Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC Methodology) and, Organisational Project Management (OPM) are considered while answering the key questions of this project.

1          With regards to the event that you have chosen to organise, identify and elaborate

1.1.1        The processes from PMBOK or Prince2 that you would use to help with the stakeholder management

Here the prince2 methodology is considered. Prince2 by definition means that it is project in controlled environment. The methodology of Prince2 details a process-based approach for project management and in the UK;this methodology is highly considered in construction projects, event management process, and various other types of projects (PRINCE2 Processes - 7 Processes Of PRINCE2 Explained | UK. 2019).Within the Prince2 methodology, stakeholder management involves six steps. For identifying and managing the stakeholders for 2022 FIFA world cup to be held in Qatar, these six steps must be followed.

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