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1.Introduction Section What’s the topic and why is it important, in general? What’s the specific issue in the organization and why is it important to solve it – why is it a problem (support with literature)? What will each section show? – be specific i.e. The methodology section will propose and justify the use semi structured interviews to collect qualitative primary data? 2.Literature Review Section This section should explain the extent of the research that has been done about your topic. What studies have been done where? How? What did they find? Is there a gap? In NZ? In your organisation? Start each paragraph with a finding (Some research found that remuneration was the principle cause of turnover) and then support it with evidence (studies). Next paragrap

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1. Introduction

The primary aim of the proposed study is to investigate customer satisfaction, a case study of Northshore Resource Centre based in Birkenhead, New Zealand. In contemporary society, the technological innovation together with globalization has led to the change in customer satisfaction, taste, and preference. Thus, every organization should understand the customer needs and preference to satisfy them. According to Hill and Alexander (2017), the customer in the contemporary business environment is the primary stakeholder and thus meeting their demands allows the organisation to achieve its competitive advantage in the face of its industry rivals. Customer satisfaction is a measure of how corporate services and products offered to the clients surpass their expectation.

The NSRC is an organization operated by a voluntary group that allows businesses and the general population to recycle their still usable products and home items. The main aim of the organization is to assist the companies and the general public to recover many things in their compound that are no longer usable but can be recycled for other uses (North Shore Resource Centre, 2018). However, the major challenge is on whether the recycling process and the new products collected from the landfills and schools satisfy customer expectations. The recycled items are returned to the community. However, the organization faces a challenge o

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