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NZDB6201 - Facilitating Innovation and Change

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    New Zealand Diploma in Business (with strands in Leadership and Management) MARKING GUIDE Assignment One Specification Paper Name and Code Facilitating Innovation and Change – NZDB6201 Programme Name New Zealand Diploma in Business (with strands in Leadership and Management) – (Level 6) Programme Dates 24 February to 12 June 2020 Assessment Number 1 Name of Assessment Assignment 1 Type of Assessment Individual assignment Assessment Details Business Concept Report 55  marks Presentation 25  marks Marks - Weighting 80 Marks =50 % Research Report Details 3000 words (+/-10%), Word document Assessment Submission D

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2. Introduction

In this literature, the entire focus has been laid on discussing the problems that the company Hell Pizza has been facing. Initially, efforts have been made to conduct a detailed analysis of the company's origin and its surrounding environment. Thereafter, problems related to the company's marketing and promotional advertisements have been highlighted along with its impact on the company's future.





Elements of the organisation


Callum Davies is the founder of Hell Pizza, who started it in 1996 in Wellington. Eight years later, it was shifted to Cuba St. In the early days, Callum experimented several food items in its menu including milkshakes, curries, bread and tandoori pizza. Slowly and steadily, he began to open new stores in Northland and Petone (, 2020C). It was in 2003 when Callum partnered with Warren and started a franchise model, which helped the company to pick up speed. As the time passed, Hell Pizza began to grow in size, opening around 66 physical stores in New Zealand by the year 2006; this was when the company began to look for opportunities outside New Zealand. Later on, several improvements in the menu list were carried out along with improved ingredients.


Hell Pizza is a global pizza chain having about 95 stores in Nez Zealand alone. It emplo

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