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Nurse of the future nursing core competencies

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In assesment sheet rubric there r 3 questions and on the basis of 2 Attachments which is also dre...the expert has to answer.* Question 1 must anwered from attachment 1 base.*Question 2 must answerd from attachment 2 base.Please Tell the expert to mention 3 or 4 lines of Gap theory as well in d beginning. Its not mention in d question but its required as its a base to the report.

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Nurses have to continuously upgrade themselves with the knowledge and skills required in the nursing practice to give the best health care. There are ten competencies which are regarded important for the improvement in nursing practice and these are leadership, communication, professionalism, teamwork and collaboration, patient-centered care, information and technology, safety, systems based practice, evidence based practice and quality improvement.

Competencies important for my future practice

The two nursing core competencies which are important for my nursing career are patient-centered care and evidence-based practice as according to Knebel, E., et al (2003), there are five overlapping core competencies which are needed by the healthcare professionals for the health care systems in the 21st century.

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