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Nokia Corporation

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This assessment task serves to demonstrate students’ abilities to take a managerial perspective to provide solutions to issues related to operations management. Students will be required to write an essay in response to a question that will be provided.QuestionDiscuss the causes of poor-quality products or services in an organization youare familiar with. Describe any five (5) strategies that can be implemented toimprove quality in your selected organization.

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In the modern era, with the rise in the level of competition and other form of challenges it has become necessary for every firm operate efficiently in the market. Further, it is a well known fact that delivering right product is necessary so as to enhance the customer satisfaction level and in turn it can bring favorable results for the company. In case if any organization fails to deliver high quality products to its target market then it leads to decline in the level of performance and brings unfavorable results also (Doz and Wilson, 2017). The present study carried out is based on the company selected Nokia which is a Finnish multinational consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunication firm. The company employs more than 102,000 people and it operates in more than 130 nations. Presently the performance of the entity is not up to the mark and customers are not at all satisfied with the product quality. The report focuses on identifying issues linked with poor quality along with these recommendations have been provided for performance improvement.

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The well established brand like Nokia conducts all its operations on wider basis but due to several valid reasons the company was unable to operate efficiently in the market. It has been witnessed that customers are not at all satisfied with the product quality and high level of negative publicity is present in relation to the p

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