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MREGC5001 - Management

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MREGC5001 ASSIGNMENT2: FOR MASTERS STUDENTS Assignment 2: Plant Purchase, Installation and replacement Due date: Please refer to Table 1. Value: 30% (5%+5%+5%+5%+10%) Attempt and submit for assessment the following questions: Q.1. Prepare a report based on course notes, references and research with at least three refereed international journal and / or conference papers on how Annual worth, Present worth and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) are used in capital investment decisions. Report needs to be in a business report format with headers, footers, page numbers, formatted with margins, spell and grammar checked. A manufacturing process can be designed for varying degrees of automation/ capacity with different costs of operations, energy consumption and service requirements including warrant

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Introduction with the context of the organisation

Lifetec Asset Management & Design Company was established in the year 1932 with a vision of providing valuable services to all of the industries for its asset management, value insure and maintenance from the assets in every kind environment. The business organisation focuses on all the industries and also focuses on probing standard quality services. The organization believes that standard quality service quality would allow maintaining a strong relationship with the clients. Another focus on the organisation is to serve society and people by fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. The business organization is very determined in improving the environment and society so that there could be a better tomorrow to perform the business operation. The business organisations ensure that their decisions and activities are not going to create an impact on the environment or on society. The organisations also ensure that they perform the activities and manage the assets of the clients in an ethical manner (He, Luo & Huang, 2019).

The business organisation focuses on meeting the needs and expectations of the stakeholders. As per the view of Restuccia et al. (2016), the requirements of the stakeholders could vary from the maintenance of any assets. However, the primary purpose of maintenance is to increase the durability of any specific asset. Generally, the stakeholders and c

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