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MRD403- Reflective Portfolio

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MRD403_Assessment Brief_Reflection Portfolio_Week 10 Page 1 of 6 ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Name MRD403: Management of Rooms Division Assessment Reflective Portfolio Individual/Group Individual Length 3,000 words Learning Outcomes This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes: a) Undertake and critically reflect upon the rooms division supervisory functions. b) Assess a hotel business using management theories, concepts and business performance tools to measure, review and evaluate the essential issues in rooms division management. c) Evaluate the principles of cost control and the necessary resources for rooms division. d) Critically reflect upon safety and security measures practiced in rooms division of hotels, and external threats e) Assess the importance and

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Topic 1: Execution management and Property Management System


I have gained the necessary knowledge about the importance of management in the Rooms Division. I have also understood the aspects of conducting proper management for managing rooms in a significant way. The most interesting aspect of this topic is the Property Management System which is implemented by the hotel management to make reservation process easier. PMS is software which is utilized for the smooth operation in the hospitality sector.  Many hotels have implemented the PMS for smoother audit and financial purposes. There are several necessary approaches, through which performance can develop to constitute proper management (Satpute, 2019).

PMS is connected to the various departments of the hotels like bars, food and beverages, safety and security and many other departments in the hotel. The presence of PMS enhances the guest experience by interconnecting various departments together. PMS is primarily utilized in the front office to keep tabs of the guests’ time of arrival and departure and reservations. However, PMS can also be utilized for monitoring the performance in business by providing numerous graphs and analytical reports. Other than analytical reports, PMS is capable of producing audit reports for different shift, reports of guests’ arrival and departure time and even provides tabs related to hous

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