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MNG93218 - Factors of employee turnover in One and Only Wolgan Valley Hotel

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RequirementsBased on the foundational work of all prior assessments conducted in MNG93217 Industry Research Part A and Assessment 1 of MNG93218 Part B, you are required to• provide a summary of research findings (including relevant charts, graphs and/or figures to highlight the most relevant findings)• provide a written discussion, comparing qualitative and quantitative findings (when mixed method is adopted), linking the findings to the problem space and the research question(s)Please note that graphs, charts, tables, figures, problem statement, research aim and research questions do not count towards the word limit.The sections you write for this assessment can be copied into your final report (assessment 3).This assignment must be structured as follows and submited through Tur

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Problem space

The One and only one Wolgan valley hotel is one of the leading luxury hotels operating in Australia. In spite of being one of the most promising hotels of its kind, the organization has been facing issues with the employee turnover rates. The factors though need to be identified have not been identified till date, hence this particular research is being conducted. The research is being conducted with the sole aim of determining the exact reasons that have contributed to the employee turnover in the One and only Wolgan Valley Hotel.

Research aim and research questions

Research aim

The main aim of the research is to investigate the factors that have contributed towards the employee turnover issues in case of one and only Wolgan Valley hotel.

Research questions

  • What are the exact reasons that have contributed to this increasing employee turnover in the one and only Wolgan Valley hotel?
  • What is the current status of employee turnover in the Wolgan Valley Hotel?

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