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MN502 - Network Security

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2020 Unit Code MN502 Unit Title Overview of Network Security Assessment Type Group Assignment (Maximum 4 Students in a group) Assessment Title Security in Networked Systems (Assignment 2) Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping) The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills to independently think of innovation. Students will be able to complete the following ULOs: c. Explain the major methodologies for secure networks and what threats they address; d. Identify and report network threats, select and implement appropriate countermeasures for network security. Weight 30% Total Marks 80 Word limit 2500-3000 Video length 5-7 Minutes Due Date Thursday 4/06/2020 Submission Guidelines ? All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a title Page. ? The assignment must be

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As technological developments are evolving in a drastic manner, the potential risks concerning digital data vulnerability have also become endangered. In contradiction with this, a large portion of the digital data users are experiencing significant data loss due to phishing attacks. For this reason, the data vulnerability has emerged and endangering user’s personal information and vishing attacks are one of the major contributors for user data losses. The following study will demonstrate the way vishing attacks are crafted by the attackers and the way it breaches user data. This will help in defining an adequate solution for ensuring effective prevention of vishing attacks. In relation, this study will also demonstrate the functionalities of block cypher mode of operations, terminal cipher control access control systems+ (TCCACS+) and smart grid functionalities for facilitating an adequate understanding about security efficiency betterment.

A. Prevention of vishing attacks

1. Crafting of vishing attacks

Vishing attacks are a significant electronic fraudulent tactic adopted by the attackers for revealing a user’s personal as well as financial information. As per the insight of Gupta (2016), the voice emailing systems are utilised by the attackers to ask for the user personal data associated with their financial activities. In essence, the voice emailing systems ensure to craft significant message

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