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MKTP103: Marketing Principles

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Task: Choose a branded product range that are distributed through supermarkets like Woolworths, Coles or IGA in Australia that is supplied by a large manufacturer of branded grocery products, such as Unilever, Proctor and Gamble, or Sanitarium. Your company has decided to launch a new product into Australian supermarkets under one of the company’s established brands. The new product can be a modification of an existing product, or a product extension under an existing brand.? Summarise key facts about this company’s Australian business – ownership, sales, product ranges, management, profitability, share price history, and so on.? Describe the chosen market segment – sales, growth, major competitors and their market shares.? State your rationale for introducing a new

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This report discuss about the new product introduced by the Unilever. Unilever is one of the largest and transitional company in the business world. We have launched a new product named as OMO Detergent Liquid under the OMO brand. OMO is a laundry based brand that focuses on the strain removal technology. Since all of our products are in the form of power, washing liquid, sachets and capsules, they are ready to use and effectual with the low temperature wash. This report put emphasize on the marketing strategies for launching the OMO detergent Liquid


We are living in the time period in which the people and their expectation about the changes in the product is increasing. In order to satisfy the wants of their customers, the companies have also to adopt the changes. The introduction of the new product is important if the company wants to remain in the market in long run and capture large market share. Unilever has decided to launch OMO Detergent Liquid under their brand OMO. This will help the company to meet the expectations and demand of their customers. Introducing a new product is complicated for the company and various departments have to work together cooperatively to achieve the success. To launch the new product, market research is conducted first to know about the taste and preferences of the customers. This information will help the marketing manager to make better decisions. The report also focuses on the

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