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MGT602 Business Decision Analytics

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Context:Working environments are constantly changing, with contemporary organisations readily adopting new and innovative ways to bring groups of people together. One of the ways organisations have overcome globalisation demands is through the formation of virtual teams. Virtual teams/groups are where individuals, rather than working face-to-face, operate in networked environments supported in their communication and physical presence through technology and virtual group membership. Here, skilled empowered individuals are required to operate outside their traditional organisational workplaces, instead working across the city or across the world, joined together by systems of technology, but working in physical isolation from one another.This growth in virtual groups has come at a time of r

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Business decision analytics is one of the prominent need of modern era for the growth and success of a business. Business analytics assist in carrying out statistical with aim of improving decision making of organization and work in the right direction. Business decision analytics allow business to execute any plan and expansion in the right direction which can be further used in suitable and effective. In this report, business decision analytics will be used for two different situations.

Scenario A

            As per the case the organization is mid-sized Australian firm running operations with 800 people and among these 80 is involved in research, development and design work. The organization is looking to recognize creative and innovative capabilities by the staff of research and development and apply the capabilities to move ahead of competitors and gain competitive advantage (Fishman, et. al., 2013). The organization has developed a team with a project for research innovation and the tactic staffs are using an unstructured communication. The team is looking for group-based communication which can carry out and support meetings between members of staff.

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